“Can’t thank Pete enough for showing me I can be captivating by sinking into my authenticity. It’s enabled me to feel confident when telling a story or making a point.”

D.L. – San Francisco

“My social skills have improved to the point where people and strangers actually approach me to talk without me saying a word! It’s fascinating how the little details lead to the biggest changes, and Pete gave me the keys to new doors.

I had a very interesting chat at the airport and in a taxi the other day without me having to start it. And I had this cute waitress giggling at every thing I said, and all I was doing was ordering a sandwich. I need to review in my head how the hell did I do it :D”

S.F. – Spain

If you want the social skills and confidence to be able to walk into any room and walk out with new relationships, keep scrolling.

I’ll teach you strategies for talking to anyone, smoothly steering conversations toward topics you’re genuinely excited about, and making your conversations memorable for everyone involved.

It doesn’t matter if you always run out of things to say. If your brain freezes up and you get stuck in your head. If your conversations don’t seem to go anywhere meaningful. I’ll teach you how to be a connector.

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From Clients

“Pete, it’s been great working with you man. I felt like you understood me deeply from the first call. Your teaching style was friendly and informal, but highly insightful at the same time. You know me better than I know myself, as they say.”

M.T. – Australia

“Pete, I have to thank you for these past few months of really nice coaching. I mean, we went from zero to solving a good chunk of my internal fears. I really feel much better after these months of training with you.”

R.V. – Brazil