Hi, I’m Pete.

BeardStrokings - Pete


I asked some friends last year what they think I’m great at. This is part of the list I got back:

“Growing a beard.”
“Making people feel valued and comfortable.”
“Having meaningful conversations.”
“Explaining things in a way that makes sense.”
“Being a mad dude and being sexy.” (Their words, not mine)

And that’s why I decided to start Beard Strokings to help you connect with people more deeply.

I’ll teach you:

  • How to get close with people, without crossing the line.
  • How to start a conversation with nothing to say.
  • How to make yourself magnetic.
  • How to turn off your analytical mind & have your creative mind talk for you.
  • And stuff like that…

Where to start?

If you want to learn how to genuinely connect with other humans through conversation, the guide below is your starting point. It’s a 10-minute rollercoaster ride of practical tips that’ll transform your social life. You’ll also get my new articles by email.

Make Real Friends: 3 Conversation Hacks You Never Knew

Join 7,191 Beard Strokers. Get my guide: Make Real Friends - 3 Conversation Hacks You Never Knew. It covers what to say and how to say it to connect with people on a deep level (10-min read).

“I’ve had trouble with social interactions (especially in new settings) and making conversation with people I don’t know. This was an AMAZING read. It put things into a perspective I’ve never thought of before. Thank you for this wonderful tool.” – Joe M.