Do you want to wow people with your words?

This book will teach you how.

The 35 People Skills

Connecting is Easy, right?

You just say some words, wave your hands around in gestures, throw some expressions on your face, and voilá!

Everybody loves you!

That’s why they don’t teach people skills in school. Because everyone already knows how to connect and no one’s ever had an awkward conversation, right?

Lol. Not quite. The truth is…

Most people’s lives would drastically improve if they put just a little bit of thought into their people skills.

Yet most people don’t. Which makes it easy to stand out if you do.

If you've ever left a social interaction feeling unsatisfied, this book is for you.

I’ve studied people skills for 10 years because I used to be awkward and shy. Through observation and trial & error, I’ve discovered some sweet tricks that will make you go…

“Shit 😲 HOW HAVE I never thought of that before?!”

get the 35 People Skills You Didn’t Know

Part 1: Practical Communication Hacks

Part One

part 2: STRATEGY

part 3: FUN

part 4: Connection


If you’re not totally satisfied with the book, let me know within 60 days of purchasing and I’ll give you a 100% refund. No explanation needed.

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"This book is beyond amazing. Would love to know at some point how you go to your level. I assume it was a lot of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Either way, thanks so much."
J. D
"This book improved my social skills to the point where people and strangers actually approach me to talk, without me saying a word! It’s fascinating how the little details lead to the biggest changes."
Sam F.
"This book helped me see that building real, lasting self-confidence is a journey from the inside, not just memorising a load of canned lines. It has made a huge difference in my dating success and pretty much every aspect of my life."
Alex B
"Can’t thank you enough for showing me I can be captivating by sinking into my authenticity. It’s enabled me to feel confident when telling stoies and sharing my opinion."
D. L
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