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You aren’t born with confidence. You build it.

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Pete from Beard Strokings

So you want to be confident, right?

If you just had confidence it’d fix everything. You’d have more friends, make more money, have better relationships, etc.

That kind of sounds like I’m mocking you. But really I’m laughing at myself as I write this…

Because I’m selling a confidence product on the internet. That’s like the peak of internet scamminess… aside from dating products and making money online, of course.

I wish it didn’t have that reputation, but it does. So you’re automatically skeptical about everything I write, and my job is therefore to convince you that I’m not full of shit.

It’s funny… sometimes when I tell people what I do, they don’t understand it at all. Because they’ve never thought about learning confidence. They’ve just always had it… so they say,

“Isn’t it just about being more confident?”

They say it like that’s the solution, haha. Like you didn’t know you had to be confident… and that’s why you aren’t.

So I have to explain to them that I can’t just tell you, “Hey, just be more confident.” Because it isn’t a switch you can just turn on. You don’t have any control over it. I know what it feels like. I’ve been there.

It isn’t a switch. It’s more like a fire, in the sense that you have to build it.

You have to add the right stuff to the fire to make it grow, and you have to keep adding the right stuff so that it doesn’t go out.

That’s right. It goes out if you don’t feed it. Some people selling confidence products will tell you that they’ve found the secret to permanent, unshakable confidence… but if you put those people in a sufficiently intimidating social situation, they will feel fear. Their voice will waver, their eye contact will break, and their body language will say “I’m uncomfortable,” just like yours does.

That’s not to say that those people are shiesters who can’t teach you confidence. Because what’s kind of scary for them might be completely unimaginable for you.

They’ve learned how to be confident up to a certain point and they can probably teach you to do the same.

If I can successfully teach confidence then chances are that someone else can too… so by all means, try their products. Just know that you won’t become Superman or Superwoman.

What WILL happen is that the difficult things in your life will get easier.

Things Like

  • Approaching someone important to you
  • Speaking up at a critical time
  • Connecting with people on a deeper level
  • Not letting people walk all over you

And if those things become even a little bit easier, your life will improve. Not by magic, just because you’ll see opportunities in situations that used to scare the shit out of you. And you’ll take advantage of those opportunities in pretty much every area of your life.

This is where it starts to sound like BS.

This is where you go…

“Yeah… but that isn’t going to work for me.”

And that makes sense. I used to think that myself. Why would you think anything else if that’s been the entirety of your experience up til now?

Your logical conclusion, based on all the data you’ve collected over the years, is that you’ll never be confident.

But then why are you on this page?

Because you know there might be other data out there, right? Facts that you’re missing.

That’s what you’re looking for, and that’s what I what I want to give you. So let me tell you what you’re missing.

I’ll do my best to explain this clearly without any internet marketing crap, but forgive me if any of that slips in, because it’s kind of hard to avoid.

So I mentioned before that you have to build the fire. It might be a cheesy metaphor, but whatever… it fits. What I meant by that was that you need to collect new real-life reference experiences.

So think of all the situations that you want to be confident in, in which you’re currently not. You need to put yourself in those types of situations and have positive experiences instead of negative ones. You need to come out the other end of each situation thinking, “Wow, that went better than I expected.”

And every time you have that experience, you build your confidence. Those new experiences are how you feed your fire. Because your competence grows, and therefore so does your confidence.

This is starting to sound like what I’m selling might be a list of challenges. Like shock therapy to make you face your fears. But it isn’t.

Confidence+ is all about teaching you competence.

It teaches you how to approach uncomfortable situations, to get that new positive experience. It teaches you what to say, and how to say it, to assert yourself and connect with people on a deeper level than you’re used to.

If you feel like you aren’t connecting with people on a deep, meaningful, unconditional level, then you simply aren’t being completely genuine.

If you find yourself in situations that you don’t want to be in, you aren’t communicating clearly enough.

If you choose to keep quiet about important things, because you don’t know HOW to communicate them, then you’ve engineered your life to be the way it is right now.

You chose the problems that you have, because you avoided situations that were too difficult.

With all of my coaching clients over the years, this was the common denominator. They weren’t being genuine with themselves, because they never learned how to communicate clearly, and it killed their confidence.

But communication is a skill that you can build and improve step by step.

and When you do, it changes everything.

That’s what Confidence+ will teach you

you’ll learn to be confident By learning 
what to say and how to say it, in any situation.

Being assertive isn’t about sheer willpower. It isn’t about gritting your teeth and pushing through uncomfortable situations blindly. That won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have the skills to navigate those conversations.

Being confident is about learning HOW to handle uncomfortable situations in a way that gets you the best result.

If that sounds like what you’ve been missing, then get the Confidence+ program below.

You will have better interactions. You will connect with people on a deeper level. And you will become more confident.

Which means you will have more friends, you will make more money, and you will have better relationships, because those things will follow naturally.

Here’s what’s in Confidence+

Part 1: Quick, Practical Conversation Hacks That Boost Your Confidence In The Moment

This first section of the book is light on theory and heavy on practice. It’s the stuff that you don’t need to understand in order to be able to apply it.
  • A Simple Hack That Pulls You Out Of Your Head When You’re Overthinking
  • How To Answer Difficult Questions, When The Only Thing In Your Head Is “Ummmm…"
  • The One Thing You Can Always Talk About To Get Out Of An Awkward Silence
  • What To Say When People Talk Over You, To Politely Capture Their Attention
  • How To Build Trust Quickly: The Surprising Effect Of Giving People Negative Feedback In A Certain Way
  • How To End A Conversation Without Being Rude, In A Way That Makes The Other Person Like You More
  • How To Navigate Group Conversations And Have Your Ideas Acknowledged
  • The Mistake Most People Make At Parties And Networking Events, Which Prevents You From Enjoying Yourself

part 2: Feed Your Confident Mindset By Adding The Right Fuel To The Fire

This section dives deeper into where your confidence comes from. It teaches you how to think in a way that naturally cultivates core confidence.
  • The Rare Yet Simple Mindset Shift That Instantly Increases Your Social Value And Makes People Want To Be Around You
  • The Counterintuitive Mind Hack That Eliminates Guilt From Your Life And Strengthens Your Relationships
  • Your Go-To Strategy For Having Engaging Conversations When You Don’t Know Anything About The Topic (E.g. Babies, Fashion, Yoga)
  • What To Say To Quickly Deal With Bothersome People (Like Annoying Roommates, Colleagues or Acquaintances), Without Hurting Your Relationships
  • Why You’ll Never Truly Have Close Friends If You Aren’t Selfish Enough In These Areas
  • How To Build Genuine Inner Strength And Resilience, By Exploring Your Weaknesses With This Strategy
  • How To Quickly Get Back To Feeling Happy, Even When You Can't Figure Out Why You Feel Sad
  • The Minimalist Way To Build A Social Life From Scratch, In One Step

part 3: Be More Interesting: Push The Boundaries Of Your Comfort Zone

You’re not invincible yet, but by now you’ve built enough competence and confidence to want to try some new things.
This section is those new things.
  • Turn A Boring Conversation Into An Interesting One With Your Choice Of Words Alone
  • Simple Body Language Tips That Help You Naturally Capture And Hold Attention
  • How To Skip Small Talk And Get People To Answer Meaningful Questions, Without Making It Weird
  • The Fun Way To Answer Questions Like “Tell Me About Yourself,” To Genuinely Intrigue People
  • How To Spark Interest So That People Don’t Tune Out When You’re Telling A Story
  • The Essential Ingredient That Makes Your Stories Captivating
  • The First-Impression Mistake You're Probably Making, Because It Seems Like A Good Idea
  • How To Start Speaking To Strangers Without Preparing In Advance… (So You Won’t Freak Out)
  • The Exercise You Should Be Doing Regularly To Expand Your Comfort Zone

part 4: Build Meaningful Connections That Solidify Your Confidence

This section teaches you how to comfortably talk to people on a level you’ve never experienced before.
It brings together and builds on everything you learned in Parts One, Two and Three, to make you feel truly connected.
  • How To Know Which People You’ll Connect With On A Deeper Level, In Just A Few Sentences
  • Make People Feel Immediately Comfortable Around You With This One Type Of Question
  • A Simple Formula For Building An Engaging Conversation When You Don’t Know What To Say
  • Strangely-Worded Questions That Get People To Open Up To You
  • How To Win People Over To Your Point Of View, Without Making Them Wrong
  • Pad Your Personal Questions With These Softener Words To Get Better Responses From People
  • Most Apologies Fall Flat Because People Forget To Remove This One Toxic Ingredient
  • Make People Feel Closer To You By Just Replacing This Super Common Word (Not What You’re Thinking)
  • You Don’t Really Have Any Close Friends, Unless You Talk To Them About These Five Things
  • The Key To Being Authentic: This Life-Long Strategy Is Easy To Understand Yet Challenging To Master

part 5: The course

If you don’t put a system in place to help you make these changes in your life, most of what you’ve learned will disappear.

Old habits tend to erase new knowledge as if you never learned it at all.

That’s why we’ve created a course that internalises these lessons for you. Focusing on one lesson at a time. Repeating lessons at a cadence that’s scientifically proven to help you retain information long term.


Spaced Repetition

This helps you remember these lessons for good. Science says so.

Unique Examples

See each lesson used in different situations, to increase your understanding.

Additional Tips

Specific strategies that teach you how and where to apply these lessons.

Simple Challenges

Exercises that get you to actually use these lessons and build new habits.

Choose Your Package


35 life-upgrading lessons

The book has all of the information you need. There are 35 chapters, listed above. But the biggest feedback we’ve received is that it’s difficult to remember to apply each lesson when you’re in the moment. It’s like juggling 35 different balls.

That’s why we built the course to go with it.

BOOK + Course

One tiny email per day that upgrades your life in 15 weeks.

Each email takes less than 30 seconds to read and gives you an additional tip, unique example or small challenge that helps you actually apply one of the lessons in the book.

It lets you focus on applying ONE lesson per day so that you can forget everything else.

BOOK + Course + Coaching Call


We’re offering a discounted 1hr call with Pete (normally $200 alone) for those of you who want personalized coaching. You can use it anytime, up to 12 months from purchase. More info here.

Book Only


  • Book
  • 15 Week Course
  • Discounted Coaching Session

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  • 15 Week Course
  • Discounted Coaching Session


If you’re not happy with the Confidence Plus book or course for whatever reason, all you have to do is let us know within 60 days of purchasing and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. No explanation needed.

If this isn’t life-changing for you, we don’t want to keep your money.

Note: Coaching call comes with a 48hr 100% guarantee after the call if you’re not happy for any reason.

Our clients say

"This course is beyond amazing btw. Would love to know at some point how you go to your level. I assume it was a lot of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and being social. Either way, thanks so much. I look forward to these emails every day."
J. D
"My social skills have improved to the point where people and strangers actually approach me to talk, without me saying a word! It’s fascinating how the little details lead to the biggest changes, and Pete gave me the keys to new doors."
Sam F.
"Pete's lessons helped me see that building real, lasting self-confidence is a journey from the inside, not just memorising a load of canned lines. It has made a huge difference, not just in terms of dating success but in pretty much every aspect of my life."
Alex B
"Can’t thank Pete enough for showing me I can be captivating by sinking into my authenticity. It’s enabled me to feel confident when telling a story or making a point."
D. L
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