Join 11 other guys on a 4-day coaching retreat in the heart of Lisbon,


Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself?

Imagine being fearless to talk to the people you want, attract the women you want, and build the fulfilling life that you’ve only thought about ’til now. A common misconception is that you have to become arrogant or aggressive to achieve these goals, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

To take full control of your life and achieve great things you just have to embrace the best version of yourself.

Conquer Confidence is a revolutionary retreat for men that will help you connect deeply with your own inner values and desires. You’ll craft your own unique brand of confidence, charisma, and charm.

Because of the immersive environment, you’ll improve your people skills faster than you can imagine. You’ll develop a new philosophy of what it means to be a high-value man and it will transform your social, professional, and dating lives. You’ll also connect with women on a new, powerful level.

From body language to core beliefs to conversational style, you will evolve every aspect of your social game with other ambitious men like you. And you’ll return to your new life with the support of the Conquer Confidence team and your peers who will have become lifelong friends.

After you take on this challenge you’ll create opportunities in your life that you never thought possible. Let us show you how powerful that shift can be.

This retreat takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, regarded by many as Europe’s coolest city. You’ll be living it up in a huge pad near the historic Bairro Alto, surrounded by its world-famous nightlife scene and legendary street parties.




What You’ll Get As A Conquer Confidence Student

You have immense strength inside you.

Our team will teach you how to cultivate it and express it in a way that creates endless opportunities for you.

Our program creates an environment of deep connection that provides the space and support you need to grow. You’ll begin to believe that anything is possible.

Side-by-side with world-class instructors (and 11 other hand-picked guys who share the same goals) you’ll run through interactive exercises that will completely change the way you interact with people. With a mix of theory and real-world social practice, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of using genuine emotional connection to build the life you want.

You will become a high-value, authentic man, unlike any other.

The Tools Of The High-Value Man

You know when you walk away from a not-so-great conversation and think, “F**k, how did I get here?” Maybe you said the wrong thing, got ignored by the girl, or got left out of the group… again. And you have no idea how to fix it.

You’ll replace these blind spots with a sharp awareness of yourself and the people around you. Your conversations will flow naturally, as a result.

This level of self-awareness is the key to attracting the women you want, creating healthy friendships, and maintaining strong relationships.

Conquer Confidence Testimonial

Your New Skillset

Everyone knows that charismatic guy who gets what he wants wherever he goes: in bars, on dates, at work, and with friends. He understands the philosophy and skillset of the high-value man and applies it to every area of his life. He gives value and therefore attracts other high-value people.

When you can lead a group, know what people respond to, and influence situations wherever you go, you become that high-value man.

Conquer Confidence will teach you these skills and how to use them in the right way.

Attract the Right Women

With the strategies we teach you and your increased confidence, you’ll comfortably navigate new, exciting moments with attractive women. You’ll craft your own unique style of charm and use it to capture genuine interest.

If you want to keep quality women in your life, you have to develop real self-esteem. Many dating programs will teach you robotic and superficial tactics to get you laid. They’ll get you to pretend to be someone else. And it might work…

But here’s the thing… all that stuff does is reinforce the belief that you’re not good enough. Because it’s not YOU who’s getting laid. It’s the false persona you’ve created. And you’ll never actually be happy with yourself that way.

Social Skills Coaching

Our philosophy of attraction is based on trust, authenticity, playfulness, vulnerability, creativity, and respect. Those are the tools a high-value man uses to create meaningful relationships, even if they’re casual. And those are the tools we’ll teach you in our daytime and nighttime in-field training.

Even if you’re not looking to challenge yourself with women, the philosophy of attraction we teach here is a universal principle that you’ll apply in all areas of your life.

Experience Deep-Level Change

A high-value man is exceptional across the board… not just with women.

Through a mix of theoretical discussion, role-play exercises, and in-field training, we will coach you on conveying confident body language, developing a strong voice, telling engaging stories, and recognizing non-verbal signs to make the right moves.

You’ll also discover what NOT to do in various social situations.

But that’s just the external stuff.

The core element of our program is to peel away the insecurities and social programming that hide your true self.

This deep work will help you rediscover your unique, authentic self and reveal it without apology or hesitation. This forms the foundation upon which you will build your charisma.

When you graduate from Conquer Confidence, you won’t just act like a powerful and confident man. You’ll be that man.

You’re Not Alone

The content of our program alone is life-changing, but it’s the team of 11 like-minded guys who will make this retreat one of the best weeks you’ll ever experience.

You’ll form close bonds with men who inspire you, motivate you, and have your back. You’ll share insights, give feedback, and complete challenging in-field exercises together.

Dating Coach Retreat

2016 attendees in Mallorca

True transformation doesn’t happen alone. That’s why you’ll stay in touch with your fellow retreat members for support, accountability, and hilarious one-liners.

Here’s a group chat with alumni from a previous retreat:

Coaching Alumni Group Chat

The Retreat Is Tailored To You

We’re going to do everything possible to make you extraordinary. We’ll help you prepare beforehand, provide actionable material during the retreat, and schedule 1-on-1 follow-up coaching afterwards.

After you apply, you’ll chat with your coach over the phone so that he understands your needs, goals, and answers any questions you have about the retreat.

The program will be tailored to get you the results you’re looking for. You will begin a lifelong journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

What’s included:

 (4) nights at a stylish, luxury apartment in Lisbon, Portugal
(Thursday through Sunday night).

 (8) theory coaching sessions
(2 per day).

 (2) daytime socializing sessions
(including approaching women).

 (1) social night out to have fun and receive real-time feedback and wingmanning from your coaches. Entry fees included.

 (2) 60-minute remote coaching follow up sessions with Nick and Pete for continued support to hit your goals.

 Live approach training, feedback, and practical demonstrations with our female coach, Kristina.

 Professional photos by an incredibly talented photographer — use them with your dating profiles and social pages to take your online game to a new level.

 Access to an exclusive social media group with your hosts and your fellow retreat members for ongoing motivation and insight.

 Breakfast at the apartment.

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Public transportation and taxis
  • Individual expenses (e.g. shopping, additional meals and drinks)




Lisbon: THE Place To Visit in 2017

Spend your vacation living it up in our sweet pad in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. You’ll be minutes away from historic Bairro Alto, surrounded by its world-famous nightlife scene and legendary street parties.

Our 200 sqm apartment is decked out in style, with an amazing view of the city from the rooftop terrace. Because of the central location, there will be shared bedrooms.























You’re leaving this retreat with…

The Ability To Start And Hold Conversations With Anyone
Talk to women in any situation without anxiety and make powerful first impressions naturally. We run exercises for all facets of conversation, such as flirting, humor, and talking on an emotional level, so you can return home feeling confident in any social environment.

The Mindset of Masters
Soak up the collective wisdom and experience of our coaches who have spent thousands of hours applying, testing, and perfecting social skills.

An Expert Female Opinion
Our female coach Kristina will give you her no-BS feedback from the perspective of a beautiful woman. She will also highlight the female view on approaching, texting, and dating in general to help you understand women. (Plus, she’s an unbeatable wingwoman).

A Complete Assessment Of Your Strengths And Weaknesses
Through a unique, video-recorded simulation training with Kristina, we will together identify opportunities for improvement and analyze blind spots, i.e. potentially inauthentic behavior that you weren’t aware of.

Magnetic Online Profiles (Including Professional Photography)
Optimize your online profiles to present your most attractive self. Our photographer will take flattering candid pictures of you and we’ll choose the best ones together.

Purposeful Body Language
Learn to use nonverbal communication like eye contact as a powerful way to convey yourself on an intimate level. We will also analyze the story your body language tells and make sure it screams “high-value man”.

A Roadmap To Continuous Success After Conquer Confidence
We’ll create a step-by-step plan for you to implement the principles and techniques you’ll learn at Conquer Confidence. This includes follow-up coaching, friends to keep you accountable and motivated, and a printed summary of the theory covered at the event.

It involves exercises, 1-on-1 follow up coaching via phone/Skype, a dedicated support group to keep you accountable and motivated, and a printed summary of the theory covered at the event.

When you graduate from Conquer Confidence you will be…

Socially And Emotionally Intelligent
Achieve fluency in all social situations based on empathy and a comprehensive understanding of human psychology.

A Confident Communicator
Express yourself openly by building complete comfort in formerly stressful social situations.

Savvy With Women
Learn from a sexy woman what confusing female behavior actually means. And get insights about rejection, flirting, sexuality, and what women find attractive.

A Highly Respectable Man
Earn respect from others naturally without feeling the need to impress.

A Skillful Flirter
Develop an array of flirting skills such as banter, humor, eye contact, touch, and sexual tension – and be able to use them fluently.

Healthily Self-Aware
Know what your strengths and weaknesses are and develop the skills to continue working on your challenges in the future.

A Conversation Starter
Start conversations with anyone in any situation, especially women you are attracted to.

An Intriguing Man
Realize what makes you interesting and learn to express it without bragging or arrogance.

Skillful At Dating
Know how to ask out the women you want and create experiences that she’ll never forget.

Confidently Decisive
Become an emotionally mature man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to express it.

A Value Giver
Learn how you can provide value to others in any situation…and how to get value back through the principle of reciprocity.

Mindful and Focused
Be more aware of the negative thought processes that shape your mindset and learn how to replace them with an empowering internal dialogue.

Dating Coach


Dating and Relationships

  • Approach any woman in any situation
  • Flirt naturally and create sexual attraction with ease
  • Recognize the subtle signals women use to show interest
  • Optimize your online dating profiles and stand out from the masses of needy guys
  • Never end up in the friend zone again
  • Learn a counter-strategy against falling in love prematurely

Social and Work Life

  • Become the person everyone wants to be around
  • Effortlessly connect small talk to deep topics
  • Make powerful impressions at job interviews and networking events
  • Tell captivating stories with ease by applying our 3-step storytelling formula
  • Create a kickass lifestyle with great friends and fulfilling hobbies
  • Never run out of things to say again, without memorizing scripted lines

Inner Confidence

  • Get control over negative emotions like fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, or frustration
  • Stop caring so much about what others think
  • Build unshakable confidence that shows in your behavior and body language
  • Learn to express your thoughts clearly and authentically
  • Overcome shyness in all forms and situations
  • Discover what makes you uniquely attractive

The Team

Pete Zbrojkiewicz


Pete Zbrojkiewicz - Beardstrokings.comPete is an advanced social skills coach and the founder of BeardStrokings. He specializes in teaching clients how to create genuine, meaningful connections in their lives.

Nick Notas


Nick NotasNick has been a world-renowned dating and confidence coach for 10 years. He’s worked with thousands of men to help them become more social, confident, and create lasting relationships with the women they desire. Through 10,000 real-world interactions, Nick is a master at breaking down the psychology behind genuine confidence and has developed a practical system for anyone to use. He shows men how to express their best selves authentically, without being fake…and while having fun too.

Kristina Kirilova


Kristina Kirilova - Lovelifesolved.comKristina is one of the co-founders of Love Life Solved. She is the girl you can practice your dating skills and different approaching situations with, and get a completely honest feedback from. Moreover, she will teach you how to talk and behave with beautiful women the way she does: completely natural and without any fear.

Julian Reisinger


Julian ReisingerJulian, the other co-founder of Love Life Solved, is the guy who makes sure the retreat is an unforgettable experience for everyone and goes about frictionless. Besides his organizational tasks, Julian is also an expert on shyness and social anxiety – which he has been struggling with since he can remember – and regularly gives his personal advice on these topics.

Sarah Katharina


Sarah KatharinaSarah is our go-to photographer when it comes to retreats. She takes amazing pics, is a blast to be around, and also has a lot to say about opening up sexually.



The price of the event is USD 3994.

Once your application is approved, we require payment in full to confirm your spot. The payment is non-refundable.



How can I change so much in such a short time?

The environment here is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Many of our clients refer to it as the best week of their lives.

When you take 12 men and unite them under one roof for 4 days with the common goal of becoming extraordinary… crazy sh*t happens. It’s truly a special place to learn, and an amazing experience to be part of.

The live, interactive training methods that we use allow you to apply our strategies in your life immediately. You’ll see real results during the retreat and will be able to adjust in real-time as necessary, with our guidance.

The transformations you experience throughout the 4 days are also just the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning and personal growth. We will give you the tools you need to develop your skills even further after you return to your new life.

Who is Conquer Confidence for?

The retreat is for smart, genuine, down to earth men who want more control over their personal, professional and social lives.

If you want to learn the superficial tactics of pickup artistry, this retreat is not for you.

Our philosophy of attraction is based on trust, authenticity, playfulness, vulnerability, creativity and respect. So if you share those values, we’ve got you covered.

I’m in a relationship. Can this retreat do anything for me?

Yes. The philosophy of attraction that we teach here is a universal principle that you’ll apply in all areas of your life, to create stronger relationships with anyone.

These skills apply in networking, connecting with co-workers and advancing your career. They’ll make you a better boyfriend, husband, friend and all-around authentic man.


We try to select a group of people that is as compatible as possible. Therefore, we will invite every applicant to a private call that’s held over phone or Skype to assess your goals and expectations.

(Note: This particular retreat is for men only. If you are a female interested in participating in a similar retreat, please let me know at