Conversation Guide -- Make Real Friends: The 7 Conversation Skills That No One Taught You

If you master these skills, you’ll connect with people on a deeper level than you ever have before. You’ll be able to comfortably navigate small talk and easily transition to meaningful conversation.

Skill 1

How To Talk To People: The Simple Art Of Meaningful Conversation

Skill 2

How To Make Friends: Stop Being Boring!

Skill 3

What To Talk About When You Have Nothing In Common

Skill 4

How To Keep A Conversation Going When You Run Out Of Things To Say

Skill 5

How To Be A Good Listener, By Interrupting People

Skill 6

How To Be More Confident: Stop Hiding Your Weird-Ass Self

Skill 7

Make It A Habit: Improve Your Conversation Skills In 10 Simple Steps