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It might be...

  • A tip about what to say and how to say it
  • Some actionable advice about confidence
  • A new way to start a conversation
  • An interesting idea you’ve never thought about
  • A psychological reframe
  • Something you’re doing wrong and how to fix it

It’s all practical, useful skills that you can apply the next time you talk to someone.

This stuff is simple once you understand it, but it definitely isn’t obvious… and I’ll bet that 90% of the lessons will be new to you.

One lesson probably won’t transform you…
but making one tiny improvement every day, by reading these emails every day, absolutely will.


"… This course is beyond amazing btw. Would love to know at some point how you go to your level. I assume it was a lot of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and being social. Either way, thanks so much. I look forward to these emails every day."

Conversation Natural Subscriber

J.D, Conversation Natural Member


My name is Pete. I used to dread having conversations with people. I was boring to talk to and I didn’t know how to connect on a deeper level.

But after working on it for years... I improved, and I discovered my self in the process.

There was no shortcut. It was matter of practising, learning from the feedback I got, and making small changes day by day.

Now I’m a Conversation Coach who runs in-person workshops all over the world, as well as a personalised online coaching program with clients from 10+ different countries.

It’s been my experience that people generally have good intentions towards each other, but the biggest thing that clouds those intentions, and creates conflict, is miscommunication.

I see it every day, and I’m making it my mission to change that.

"Pete's lessons helped me see that building real, lasting self-confidence is a journey from the inside, not just memorising a load of canned lines. It has made a huge difference, not just in terms of dating success but in pretty much every aspect of my life."

Alex B from Switzerland

Alex B, Switzerland

Will the Conversation Natural Program work for me ?

No matter how far away you believe you are from achieving your goals, the path starts here...

We're going to teach you how to have one conversation that went better than you expected.

We'll teach you how to continue one conversation past the point where you previously would have run out of things to say.

We'll teach you how to feel slightly more comfortable talking to one person.

And we'll repeat that experience over and over again.

That’s what The Conversation Natural Subscription is.

Every now and then you'll walk out of an interaction thinking...

That felt different.

Something's changed.

I haven't experienced that before.

We'll build on each of those experiences, little by little, day by day. They'll become more frequent and more profound, until you no longer remember the person that you are today. The person reading this.

We’ve distilled the best big ideas from the greatest coaches and authors in the world and put them in a practical, easy-to-apply format.

This is the only social skills product you’ll ever need.

Become a conversation natural.

"My social skills have improved to the point where people and strangers actually approach me to talk, without me saying a word! It’s fascinating how the little details lead to the biggest changes, and Pete gave me the keys to new doors."

Sam F from Spain

Sam F, Spain

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