Make Your Stories Captivating

If I asked you to tell me about the last time you travelled somewhere, what would you say?

Really think about it for a second before reading on.

Alright, thinking time is up.

There are two types of responses to this question (and to any question about yourself for that matter).

There’s the engaging kind, and … the non-engaging kind.

Here’s an example of each. Can you tell which is which?

“I travelled around Europe with my Mum, Dad and brother last July. We flew into Paris then went to Vienna, Budapest and Prague with one of those rail passes. We did a lot of hiking and sightseeing. It was a really good trip.”


“I went to Europe with my family. It was the first time we’d ever done a trip together like that, and I’m so glad we did because I feel a lot closer with them now. We did a lot of hiking and sightseeing, which I’d actually been kind of bored of, because I’ve done so much of it before… but doing it with them kind of made it feel new and fun again.”

They’re both perfectly normal answers, but one of them is next-level in terms of engagement.

Read them again, think about it for a minute and see if you can figure out exactly why one of them is more engaging.

The first one isn’t as engaging because it’s all facts. There’s no emotional information in it. It’s just…

WHO you were with.

WHAT you did.

WHERE you went.

and WHEN it was.

What’s missing is…

WHY any of it matters to you.

The second response explains each fact with WHY it’s significant.

Going to Europe with your family was significant because it brought you closer together. Hiking and sightseeing with them was significant because you found a new way to enjoy hiking and sightseeing again.

If you only give them facts, they can only ask or respond about the facts, which are almost never as engaging as the WHY.

So the lesson here is:

Pete from Beard Strokings AvatarUse less who, what, where, when, and more WHY.

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