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A People-Skills Course For The Quiet Type


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When it comes to people skills, being an introvert isn’t a weakness…

It’s a strength. 

True story. You just have to know how to use it.

As an introvert, you think more than most people, right? Which makes you inherently interesting to be around if you can just figure out how to tame your overactive brain.

If you often feel like you don’t know what to say, it’s because your noisy thoughts are preventing you from being present in the moment.

But with the right tools, you can learn to quieten those thoughts, tap into your flow state, and become charismatic.

You probably don't want to be an extrovert,
and you don't have to.

What you want is to be the quietly confident type…

You want to be the one who people come to when they have a problem to solve.

You want to be the one who people open up to, because you make them feel understood.

You want to be the one who people connect with on a deeper level.

As an introvert, those things are uniquely available to you.

Let Me Tell You A Quick story.

I was running a confidence retreat in Lisbon in 2017 and one of our students had a life-changing moment.

We’d given James the challenge of starting a conversation with a stranger in the street and applying the techniques in The Charismatic Nerd.

Within the space of 10 minutes, his conversation went from “Hello” to a tear-filled hug.

James made this Portuguese girl feel so comfortable that she opened up to him about an abortion she’d had a few years back.

He listened. He reacted authentically… and he connected with her on the deepest level.

Then she smiled, thanked him, and they parted ways. James had never experienced anything like it.

He never knew that was possible, and this new insight changed him forever.


James (like all of our students) is an introvert.

Extroverts struggle to do what James did because they jump from thought to thought like a squirrel looking for nuts — whereas introverts go deep.

When I tell people I’m naturally introverted, they think I’m joking, because I’m always introducing them to a new friend that I met on the beach, or in the queue for a slice of pizza.

But it’s not because I’m loud and outgoing that I make friends easily. It’s because I listen and react authentically.

This course will teach your introverted brain to do the same, with counter-intuitive people-skills lessons designed for overthinkers.

What’s included in thIS SELF-PACED course?

The Charismatic Nerd e-Book
(133 Page PDF)

100 Short, Self-Paced lessons
(to apply the techniques from the book)

The 100 SELF-PACED COURSE lessons include:

Real-world Application

Clear examples that demonstrate each technique in realistic situations.

Additional Tips

Practical strategies that show you how and where to apply each lesson in your life.

Simple Challenges

Easy exercises that let you try the techniques for yourself.

What will i learn?

part 1: Practical Communication SKILLS

  • Get out of your head when you’re overthinking
  • Answer complicated questions with ease
  • Fill an awkward silence
  • What to say when people talk over you
  • Build trust quickly
  • End conversations without being rude
  • Smoothly navigate group conversations
  • Fix the mistake that most people make at parties

part 2: Deeper Communication Strategy

  • Make people want to be around you
  • How to talk about things you know nothing about
  • Quickly and politely deal with annoying people
  • Eliminate guilt and strengthen your relationships
  • How to be more assertive
  • Build genuine inner strength and resilience
  • A practical way to quickly cheer yourself up
  • Build a social life from scratch

part 3: The Fun Part

  • Make boring conversations interesting
  • Body language tips to naturally hold attention
  • Skip small talk and ask meaningful questions
  • The fun way to answer “tell me about yourself”
  • Keep people engaged when you’re telling a story
  • Fix the first-impression mistake you're probably making
  • Make your stories captivating
  • The exercise that expands your comfort zone

part 4: GENUINE Human Connection

  • Figure out who you’re likely to connect with on a deep level
  • Make people feel immediately comfortable around you
  • A simple formula for building an engaging conversation
  • Cleverly-worded questions that get people to open up
  • Win people over to your point of view
  • Get better responses whenever you ask questions
  • How to smoothly navigate arguments
  • Make people feel closer to you
  • How to communicate with clarity
  • How to create genuine friendships


"I am fifteen and since I have started your course I have gotten my very first girlfriend (she had a crush on me) and gotten many new friends. You know, you are making such a big difference in our lives. Your techniques work like a charm. I have tried a lot of things from other books and youtube videos but nothing has ever really helped before."
George K.
"These lessons helped me see that building real, lasting self-confidence is a journey from the inside, not just memorising a load of canned lines. It has made a huge difference, not just in terms of dating success but in pretty much every aspect of my life."
Alex B.
“Normally when I try to get group conversations going I have below-average success. But your tips worked like a charm. Conversation skills can truly be learned when they’re properly documented. Thank you.”
Siddharth M.


If you’re not happy with the book or course for any reason, all you have to do is let us know within 60 days of purchasing and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. No explanation needed.

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“Thank you so much! I can finally open up to my best friend about what I actually feel, instead of just being 'manly'. It feels great to be truly honest with others and thus be honest with yourself.”
Kyle L.
"Can’t thank you enough for showing me I can be captivating by sinking into my authenticity. It’s enabled me to feel confident whenever I’m telling a story or making a point."
Dana L.
“Just wanted to say you are awesome. I’ve never bought a course online before this one but man, your view on this subject is special. Love you man!”
Brad G.

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