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I used to want to be different...

Everyone else always seemed to have it figured out, but I always felt like I was missing something. You know what I mean?

I watched everyone else laughing together… I listened to the way their conversations bounced effortlessly from person to person, and it felt like they were all connected somehow.

Like I was there, but I wasn’t part of it. You know?

I knew they were doing something that I wasn’t, but I couldn’t figure out how they were doing it…

Or what the hell it was.

Which meant that it must be me, plain and simple. It meant that I just didn’t have whatever skill or trait it was that they all had. I figured I just wasn’t born with it.

So I sat there watching these conversations happen around me… and I wondered what everyone else thought of me.

Did they know I was different?

I mean they never really treated me differently, as far as I could tell… so maybe they never noticed that I wasn’t really close with anyone.

Anyway… this isn’t about me.

Because I came across an article in the UK Telegraph recently with the headline:

2.5 million men in the UK have no close friends

I was floored when I read that.

My analytical mind immediately Googled the population of the UK and extrapolated that statistic to around 270M guys worldwide (all things being equal) … and that’s without even considering the women.

But of course I don’t have that research… so let’s hope that number is a complete overestimate. In any case, there are a whole bunch of men and women out there who have no one to turn to for support… no one to talk about personal stuff with… and no one to have a genuine, meaningful conversation with.

And they’re linking this to mental health issues and increasing suicide rates…

And that has to change.

I don’t think anyone WANTS to have no close friends…

except maybe the people who go and live in the Alaskan wilderness…

But apart from them, I think this mostly comes down to the fact that all of these people don’t know HOW to connect. They don’t know what they’re doing wrong, and they probably assume they’re just not good enough… like I did back in 2010.

Before I was shown what I was doing wrong...
Before I was taught how to change it...

And now I’m thinking that maybe… just maybe, you can change it the same way.

Discover The Secrets of Meaningful Conversation

The stuff I learned is all written down in these daily emails that you can subscribe to.

All of it. Everything.

I’ve explained it in 100 different ways to make sure you hear it in a way that clicks with you.

Because I want you to experience what it’s like to be connected, instead of being an outsider.

Because I want you to know what it feels like to be completely comfortable with who you are, and to feel authentic in everything that you do.

And I want you to spread what you learn. To connect with those people out there who don’t know how to create those connections themselves.

(Before you read the next bit… I’m absolutely not promising you what follows, and I don’t teach these things directly. I’m just giving you examples of what’s possible when you internalise these lessons and apply them in your personal, professional & dating life … from my own personal experience.)

The lessons in The Conversation Natural subscription can make complete strangers open up to you… having them regularly say:

“I’ve never told anyone this… but I feel comfortable with you for some reason.”

These lessons can give you the confidence (and the negotiation skills) to double your salary in a single performance review… in a job that you got a year earlier with zero previous experience.

They can give you the courage to approach an attractive woman in a lingerie shop, create an immediate connection, then have her fly overseas the following week to meet you in another country.

But I’m sure you’ll have your own crazy stories that are different to mine...

Who Am I?

My name is Pete. I used to dread having conversations with people. I was boring to talk to and I didn’t know how to connect on a deeper level.

But after working on it for years... I improved, and I discovered my self in the process.

There was no shortcut. It was matter of practising, learning from the feedback I got, and making small changes day by day.

Now I’m a Conversation Coach who runs in-person workshops all over the world, as well as a personalised online coaching program with clients from 10+ different countries.

It’s been my experience that people generally have good intentions towards each other, but the biggest thing that clouds those intentions, and creates conflict, is miscommunication.

I see it every day, and I’m making it my mission to change that.


“Can’t thank Pete enough for showing me I can be captivating by sinking into my authenticity. It’s enabled me to feel confident when telling a story or making a point.”

D.L – San Francisco

“My social skills have improved to the point where people and strangers actually approach me to talk without me saying a word! It’s fascinating how the little details lead to the biggest changes, and Pete gave me the keys to new doors.”

S.F – Spain

“Pete helped me see that building real, lasting self-confidence is a journey from the inside, not just memorising a load of canned lines. It has made a huge difference, not just in terms of dating success but in pretty much every aspect of my life.”

A.B – Switzerland

“Pete offers a service like no other because he trains you on not how to act differently, but how to communicate and express yourself without your own internal monologue preventing you from showing your true self. His advice is not for those that want a quick fix but rather those who have a genuine willingness to improve not only themselves but the relationships they have with others.”

D.K – London

So What Do You Get?

Firstly, the subscription is priced so cheap because it doesn’t cost me much to get it to you, but don’t be mistaken…

There’s gold in here...

It’s 100+ hours worth of writing about conversation hacks that will make you a natural, who can connect with others effortlessly.

You’ll get one short email every weekday (less than 2 minutes long).
It might be...

  • A tip about what to say and how to say it
  • Some actionable advice about confidence
  • A new way to start a conversation
  • An interesting idea you’ve never thought about
  • A psychological reframe
  • OR Something you’re doing wrong and how to fix it

There is NO fluff!

It’s all practical, useful skills that you can apply the next time you talk to someone.

This stuff is simple once you understand it, but it definitely isn’t obvious… and I’ll bet that 90% of the lessons will be new to you.

One lesson probably won’t transform you…
but making one tiny improvement every day, by reading these emails every day, absolutely will.

Actually now that I think about it, a single well-timed lesson might actually change your life on its own. So for $10/month it has to be worth the gamble.

I teach the same things in my coaching packages that range from $700 - $1,800 … and on my $4,000 retreats. The difference is that those programs are faster, and more personalised.

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Plus, it won’t cost you a thing… you can cancel anytime.

Also please share what you learn with others, because there are millions of people out there who aren’t getting the friendship and support they need.

My goal is to spread this knowledge as far as I can, and to hopefully have some kind of an impact on that statistic.

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